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I’m finally done with Fall quarter! I still don’t really feel like I am on winter break. I don’t think I’ve ever studied so hard in academia like I did these past few months. Looking back, not only did I learn a lot from my classes but I also learned a lot outside of the classroom.

I work with the Food Systems Working Group on campus, part of the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems program. It’s a student oriented group that puts together field trips and tours for students to reconnect with their local food system, and of course, the beautiful farm we have on campus. One of my favorite parts of the quarter was a trip we made to San Francisco to Alemany Urban Farm.

It’s a small farm off the free way right in the city. It’s situated next to low income housing and offers a free CSA program to the neighboring residents. I’m not really sure how it’s subsidized since the farm is volunteer operated. They practice permaculture there. I’m still learning how permaculture works but pretty much it’s the concept of planting a garden in a way that mimics nature and the garden is supposed to grow and be maintained on its own without constant care. It uses a lot of the same concepts of companion planting (planting things that grow well together, symbiotically).

There are a lot of urban farms and gardens in San Francsico!

There are plenty here in Santa Cruz too. I think Santa Cruz should copy this idea and make a nifty map.

This coming year I want to re-do this blog and make it more recipe oriented. Hopefully I’ll have time over this short school break. I’ve received too many threats from friends and family that I need to make a cookbook, so I figured posting on here may be a good place to start collecting photos and recipes of dishes that I whip up in the kitchen. Before that i just need to remember to write down what ingredients and amounts I put into the recipes I cook.

I always forget to have a notebook with me in the kitchen. I tend to just dive in and put random ingredients together as I go. For you food bloggers out there, how do you do it?


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