My Birthday Wish

September 2, 2010 at 7:47 am 1 comment

Hello friends in blog land!

You might be anticipating a tale of the fig and goat cheese tart I mentioned in my last post. Well I will get to that soon enough but this is a more important issue that is very dear to my heart.

My birthday is just a couple of weeks away. I feel very fortunate to have been able to reach this age in good health. As you all know, I’m pretty active..I ran my first marathon this year!

I’d like to give the credit for my health to the local farmers that provide the food on my table for every meal of the day. I feel very fortunate to be able to say that as well.

Some of you may be familiar with La Milpa Organica Farm, a micro farm tucked away in the agricultural preserve of Escondido, California. La Milpa has cultivated the land and nourished our county with organic food through 7 years. Aside from nourishing San Diego through food, this little hidden gem has also nourished and warmed the hearts of so many through building a community.

Every third Saturday of the month, it has opened its arms to welcome all for an evening potluck out on the farm beneath the stars. This farm has been a place to leave the material world behind and to be at peace with the simplicity of life by sharing an honest meal with complete strangers (who by the end of the night will become your new friends) and spending time with your loved ones.

Very recently I was saddened to learn that Barry Logan, farmer of La Milpa Organica, has since decided to close the farm. After facing cost increases, legal issues cracking down on the farm’s apprenticeship program, and water cutbacks, continuing to operate the farm has become virtually impossible for him.

This news is heartbreaking for many, but also serves as a prime example of how important it is that we protect the farms that continue to feed us, and the farms that will feed us in the future.

At the start of this year I began volunteering with San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project, a non-profit that works to educate, cultivate, and empower sustainable food communities in San Diego County. I have devoted a lot of my time to this organization because I truly believe with every inch of my being that if we want to see healthier families and a healthier planet we must get back to the soil and remember where our food really comes from. What we eat on a daily basis not only affects our health, our wellness, and our being but also affects our environment. The ability to educate others about the dying art of cultivating the soil will provide future generations with the priceless knowledge of being able to live as one with our planet. We must work with, not against, the earth so that it can continue to provide the food we need to continue to live healthy lives and so that others can have access to healthy food.

I have never asked for any gift on my birthday, but this cause has compelled me to make a special request this year. I understand that economic times are difficult now but I would be very grateful for any measure of donation you are able to give to the San Diego Roots Educational Farm Center (Roots @ Suzie’s). This farm is taking shape on newly leased land, adjacent to the Tijuana River and Suzie’s Farm, in Imperial Beach. As it grows it will provide an agricultural landscape for children to learn where their food comes from, workshops on how to build a garden at home, farm-to-table cooking classes, permaculture classes, and so much more. Any amount you are able to donate will speak volumes to our local community.

To donate, please visit the San Diego Roots Grow The Farm web page at:

Thank you for your time, lots of love, and best wishes.



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  • 1. Tammy McLeod  |  October 19, 2010 at 6:50 am

    This is a great birthday post. I love that you are “fueled by the farm” and really enjoyed your photos also. We had a similar experience losing a farm and farmer that we loved and we do need to be vigilant and proactive in protecting our food. Thanks for sharing.


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