Where Have I Been Hiding? – April/May Recap Part 1

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Hello friends!

It has been a while hasn’t it? The month of April gave me no time to be blogging, unfortunately… so here I am ready to type away!

Last post was about the awesome Earth Day event I was able to table at with San Diego Roots. Following that weekend, I volunteered with the food crew for the Cultivating Food Justice Conference (April 24 & 25) that was held at San Diego State University. The weekend was open to the public and entirely free. For the food, we visited Suzie’s Farm on Friday the 23rd and gleaned the fields, harvesting everything from broccoli and fennel, to kale and beets.

Next, we went to a kitchen for the rest of the day to prep everything. It was hard work, but it was great working with an awesome team of people who put all of their efforts towards making the weekend perfect!

The weekend was nothing short of amazing, filled with workshops and two great key-note speakers: Raj Patel, author of The Value of Nothing and Barry Logan, farmer of La Milpa Organica Farm. I think there were around 700 registrants attending the weekend! Since I helped out prepping and serving food for the Saturday I was there, I was only able to see Raj Patel speak in the afternoon. I worked at the Farmers Market on Sunday so wasn’t able to attend any workshops for that day, but I did get to see Barry Logan speak Sunday afternoon as well. Both keynote lectures depicted the bone chilling reality that we face in our world today on a macro scale with Raj Patel as he spoke about the globalization of our food production.. to micro scale with Barry Logan and the challenges he is facing as a micro farmer. Though the lectures were a little upsetting to hear, it really helped in creating positive energy in the room of attendees as our community here in San Diego moves towards improving our local food system. ¡Si se puede!

Heather, of Roots Kind Food for Kind Folk, was our awesome Food Coordinator for the weekend. This is her posing with some buckets of salad we made!

A few of us from San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project, posing with Raj Patel.

Barry Logan giving his keynote lecture, Sunday afternoon.

…ALSO! Saturday afternoon, following Raj Patel’s keynote, we also danced and listened to the fabulous jams of Skavolutionary Orchestra!


Following that weekend, I volunteered once more for the California Student Sustainability Coalition’s 2010 Spring Convergence (April 30-May 2) that was held at UCSD. I was able to fill the ‘Food Coordinator’ position! It shook my nerves a little bit leading up to the event, because there were an estimated 250 students to be attending the weekend (or more!) and I had to plan the food to feed all of them! But thankfully I wasn’t alone in my efforts. I don’t attend UCSD (I attend a community college right now) but for the past few weeks I was helping them with their planning since they were hosting the entire weekend. I had the best helpers in the kitchen! I wouldn’t even call them my helpers actually, because it was a joint effort in food preparation for the weekend. We sourced all the food from some of the many local farms in San Diego County: La Milpa Organica, R&L Farms, J.R. Organics, and Suzie’s Farm. After making the pick-ups all day Thursday and Friday morning we stored it in the walk-in fridge inside the UCSD Food Co-op. It was a lot of food!

But us college students need our energy from somewhere! For the weekend’s menu, we served:

  • Friday dinner: Creole-style black-eyed peas with brown rice and salad
  • Saturday breakfast: Oatmeal bar, bagels, spreads, fruit
  • Saturday lunch: Build-a-wrap bar, salad
  • Saturday dinner: Curried french green lentils with broccoli, salad
  • Sunday breakfast: Oatmeal bar, bagels, spreads, fruit
  • Sunday lunch: Saturday dinner leftovers, salad, leftover breakfast stuff

The weekend turned out great!

We finished the weekend with the traditional spiral hug. I was so excited to finally get out of the kitchen and breath some fresh air! Can you spot me?

The UCSD team!

Disclaimer: All of the fabulous photos were taking by my friends. I was too busy in the kitchen, and couldn’t walk around to snap any pics!


This past weekend my mom and I made a road trip up the California coast to visit Santa Cruz and to see the campus. I haven’t mentioned this on the blog yet, but I will be transferring schools this fall! I had my heart set on UC Davis ever since I was accepted in October. I visited the campus and loved that it was entirely bike-friendly, nestled in a college town, and very involved with agriculture. I planned on attended Davis in the fall until I received my transfer student acceptance letter for UC Santa Cruz a few weeks ago. Boy was I thrown for a loop!

Has that ever happened to you? You think you know what you really want and all of a sudden something comes along that makes you really think twice before making your decision?


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Happy Earth Day! Growth – April/May Recap Part 2

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