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April 17, 2010 at 2:37 pm 6 comments

I’m going to start this post with a little game. This game is called… guess the plant!

Can you guess what this edible plant is? If you want the answer, you’ll have to wait until the end of the post. 😀

The past week has surely been a whirlwind of events.  I’m beginning to get more involved with Roots and it makes me feel so good that I am able to help a non-profit that stands for everything I believe in about sustainable agriculture and food. I’m also helping my friend Jared plan food for the CSSC Convergence that will be hosted at UCSD at the end of this month. We are sourcing all the food served at the event from local farms. Fun times!

I found my way into an amazing event this week! Michelle Obama (..YES, the First Lady!) visited a community farm here in San Diego on Thursday. I got the opportunity to be part of the audience that listened to her speech. This was the First Lady’s first visit to San Diego, and with all the work Mrs. Obama is doing with her Let’s Move campaign… of course I felt like I was in the presence of a rockstar! I want to elaborate more on the entire experience but I’m saving that for a future post. Stay tuned. 😉

On marathon training…

So this was my Week-2 of rehab in case you’re counting. Ever since my ankle started acting sassy with me, I’ve been taking a break from intensive training for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon. I’m being patient with all of this and I hate having to take so much time off. I miss my long runs and the feeling of accomplishment! I do have exciting news though. This past week I was able to knock out three 5 mile runs without being pestered by my ankle! Yesterday was the second 5 miler that I did, and I brought Max with me.

At first he was kind of confused when I parked the car. He gave me a look like “What are we doing here?!” This was his first time running since we’ve owned him. He was all over the place, smelling every tree and plant. After about mile 3 he was totally in the zone and he wasn’t making frequent stops to pee anymore. (Thank goodness!)

Today I ran the same route as yesterday, except this time with my mom. I love running in this part of town because the road is flat. I think what hurt my ankle was that I was running on the far shoulder of roads that had no sidewalks. The repeated running in the side of the slope hurt my ankle. I’d be lying if I said getting back in the swing of running was easy, it has definitely been making my legs sore! I think it may be running and also going hard-core on the spin bike at the gym though! I finished today’s 5.35 mile run in about 45:07 minutes! Woo hoo!

I’m still making sure I listen to my body. Of course the marathon is always on my mind and it frustrates me that my ankle started to hurt me two weeks ago. I’ve never felt more mentally prepared for anything in my life and this race means a lot to me. Don’t think I’m going to throw in the towel just yet! I’m going to continue to listen to my body’s feedback and as long as my ankle can handle it without pain, I’m going to keep running! 🙂

Before my run this morning, I ate two Nature’s Path Hemp waffles for breakfast with some Greek yogurt (mixed with agave/cinnamon), some walnuts, an apple, and a cup of coffee. I munched on some granola before taking off on my run later in the morning.

Oh yeah, and I also had 2 dried apricots. That’s what the thing on the bottom left corner of the photo is.

When I came back from my run, I had left-overs from last night’s dinner and a tangelo. This is a photo I took last night (poor lighting) but I figured since it’s the same the I might as well use this photo, right? It was a mixed pilaf of red and white quinoa with French couscous and a quick curry of cauliflower, chickpeas, and greens from the garden. I used some caraway seeds in the pan while I was cooking. It gave it a really good earthy flavor!

In the garden!

Check out all the plugs I have growing! Future food that will be in my belly!

The beets and radishes are really coming along…

I have yet to put the chicken wire down in our garden bed to keep the gophers out, but I will definitely recap when I get to it. What I have done is sprinkle cayenne pepper around some of the plants I have that have been munched on. I hope it makes a difference in keeping hungry bugs way!

Well, it’s back to studying I go! I have a test on Wednesday in Philosophy so I’ve been hanging out with Renée Descartes today. 😯

Tonight my parents and I are going to La Milpa Organica Farm for their monthly potluck. I’m taking some peanut butter granola I made! La Milpa is an organic farm here in San Diego and they host an open house the third Saturday of every month. Everyone brings home-made food. There’s also wood-fire oven baked pizzas, live music, and they show a movie – all outdoors on the farm! … It’s just an all around good time. I’m craving a salad so I hope there’s some good salads there tonight!  🙂


Okay! Where you able to guess what the close-up photo was? It was…

Broccoli! :mrgreen:

Yesterday afternoon I harvested two broccoli florets from the garden along with their greens. LOTS of greens!

I cooked the greens with last nights dinner but I’m trying to decide how I want to use the florets in for dinner on Sunday. What’s your favorite way to eat broccoli?


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Recipe: Cauliflower and Lambsquarter Burritos Happy Earth Day!

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  • 1. Socalocavore  |  April 20, 2010 at 9:11 am

    So fun – I was sure it was asparagus! I just found you through UCSD SFP website, and wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog. I can’t wait to try that beet burger recipe!

    • 2. Alexandra  |  April 22, 2010 at 9:48 pm

      Thank you! 🙂 Let me know how you like the burgers!

  • 3. Kelly  |  April 22, 2010 at 6:22 am

    hahah I thought it was asparagus too! I loveee asparagus, especially since asparagus is one of the veggies that only gets transported by PLANE meaning its like SO SO bad for the environment. I will eat asparagus if it’s offered at someones home or whatever but won’t buy conventional anymore. its reallllly expensive at the farmers market though so I have held off for now until I am really craving it or find a good recipe.

    and brocolli hmmm I just like it roasted with EVOO, course salt, pepper. I am so boring. hahah.

    I am very proud of your garden! Looks SO awesome!

    • 4. Alexandra  |  April 22, 2010 at 9:54 pm

      Oh my gosh I love asparagus so much too! It just started coming in and I’ve gotten it two weeks now from one of the farmers at the Sunday market. I love that you care about it being transported and not buying conventional! It’s actually funny you mention asparagus in a recipe because I have a recipe I’ve been wanting to post that uses it!

      Roasted broccoli is not boring at all, it has so much flavor on it’s own. I’d say that’s my favorite way to eat it too 🙂

      & Thanks! I’d say it’s a work in progress and I learn something new about the garden every day. Hopefully I’ll be able to get more yield once I have more compost and have chicken wire down so the gophers don’t come by with the munchies. hehe

  • 5. Kelly  |  April 22, 2010 at 6:22 am

    ps Happy Earth Day!!


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