Going the Distance, Respect, and Balance

March 30, 2010 at 1:00 pm 1 comment

Training for a marathon has really been beating me up recently. Two Saturdays ago I ran 18 miles, and this past Saturday I ran 14 miles. Both times I felt like I was steam pressed by large machinery.

It’s been making me ask myself.. am I taking training too seriously?

If there is one thing that training has taught me so far it’s that I find joy and satisfaction in pushing my physical abilities. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but I need to be reminded that it’s equally important to listen to your body and not to push it too far. My last long run was a serious slap in that face for that. At one point during my run, I felt some discomfort near my ankle but I continued to run even though it slowed my pace down drastically. I kept having to coach myself during the last two miles by repeating the words “dig deep, dig deep”. Upon finishing, I dunked my entire right foot in a bucket filled with ice and cold water. It’s good to challenge your abilities but not when your body is telling you otherwise.

I have evaluated my progress in running so far and I feel so accomplished with the distance I have been able to travel. To date, since mid-January I have logged 300+ miles on my feet! Looking at the bigger picture, I also realized that maybe at this point in training I should take a step back and ease off my training for this week. I’ve felt that the way my body has talked to me, it wants a ‘vacation’ from running so that it can re-coup and be stronger as I enter these last eight weeks before the marathon on June 6th. I can’t even believe I’m taking this break! :-O As hard as I want to plow through this week with my runs, I’m vowing to take a step back. I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping this for the best.

To start this week off, I hiked with my friend Aubrey at a local trail to a place known as The Devil’s Punchbowl. I love hiking because I love getting lost in nature. I won’t get wordy and sappy with you about my passion for the environment because I’m sure you all know by now. 🙂

It’s like I went to rehab for my race horse-speed track-running frame of mind.This hike was amazing! It was my first time hiking here and I’m still mind blown that this gem it just miles away from my house.

The trail is all down hill before reaching the Punchbowl. It winds through some hills and across a few creeks..

After about an hour or so of hiking we finally reached our destination!

I spy with my little eye… a waterfall!!!!

The sun was already starting to heat things up half way down the valley. Once we got near the fall, the air was cool and the sound of the water was so calming. We hung out for a bit and ate a snack.

Getting there was the easy part, the way back to the trail head it was completely up hill. Even with all the training I’ve done I was completely out of breath! I love it how mother nature has its own way of challenging us.

Even though it was completely gorgeous outside and the hike was amazing, it was a bit bitter.. What doesn’t belong in this image?

Aubrey and I were absolutely appalled by the amount of garbage scattered all over the place! How can people just leave their trash and expect it to be picked up by others? Or is it that they leave it behind thinking it will just disappear? I feel like I say this all too often on this blog, but honestly.. We ALL have responsibility to care for our planet! Would your mom let you leave trash scattered all over your house? No!

Aubrey found a discarded trash bag with used tamale corn husks in it and we began picking up some empty cans, bottles, and wrappers as we found them along the trail heading back up. We were a little bothered by how much we found.

It’s important we respect our planet and leave hiking trails the way we found them! Grr!

Here is last night’s dinner of local fare:

  • Poached egg (San Pasqual Academy Eggs) on onion bread toast (Bread and Cie.) with a side of mixed greens (lettuce from my garden 😉 , mizuna -JR Organics) with avocados (R&L Farms), beets and sugar snap peas (JR Organics).

So my goal for this week is to let go and hold on to this idea balance for my body and for my training. It’s going to be difficult doing things other than running, we’ll see if I’m up for the challenge!

How are you going to find balance in your life this week?


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  • 1. Kelly  |  April 3, 2010 at 5:59 am

    yummo. love poached eggs.

    and your hike looks like it was totally fun. what a refreshing day it mustve been.

    give your body the rest time it needs! there IS such a thing as training too hard.

    sorry you had to encounter other people’s trash on your hike–GRRR. so inconsiderate. 😦

    I don’t know how I will balance life this week. lol. I have too much work to do.


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